Pony Education at pony studios


Pony Studios
6012 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618


Pony Studios was built to provide elite education for hairdressers of all levels.

Pony Studios is a salon in the front of the house with a cutting edge theater-style auditorium in the back. It is equipped to give live demos to 50 live attendees while also streaming globally. We provide 2 live camera angles for the audience to immerse themselves in the education led by our curated list of exceptional, vetted educators.

Workshops include hands-on education on live models, tons of product giveaways, custom merch, high end catering, and more.

We throw a ton of fundraisers and have donated over $15k to Planned Parenthood, Covenant House California, Oakland Public Schools, and SF SafeHouse. Come join the community!