Razor Basics

If you are filling like you have holes in your skills or feeling stuck in same old thing. This is for you. Even if you think you can’t learn anything new you will.
— Mark, Maverique Style House

This 2-day workshop will be on TBD in January, 2018 at Barrow Salon in SF. This class is $1000 and we have 13 seats available.

For this workshop, stylists must be licensed and taking clients on the floor for at least 1 year. Razor Basics is for anyone new to the straight razor or nervous about the razor. Let's get more confident and comfortable with this new tool so we can take our work to the next level! We will focus on the hows, whys, and whens with a strong focus on suitability and consultation. 2 days of deep diving into a better understanding of the most versatile tool available to us as hairdressers.


Corinna Hernandez

Corinna has been a hairstylist since 1999 and has been educating since 2002. She learned early on after receiving Sassoon training and advanced razor training from Bumble and Bumble in New York City early in her career that she had a gift of educating. It was after 5 years of operating a successful hairdressing business that she dropped everything to apply for a Bb apprenticeship at the world-renowned Bb University in New York. She then worked at The House of Bumble in NYC for several years before being recruited in-house to travel the USA to teach salons on behalf of Bb, where she continues to work, 8 years later.

Pony Salon was established in 2013 to offer unique training opportunities to hairdressers of all levels.


Michelle snyder

Michelle’s skill and vision are in demand across the country. But the first recipient of the San Francisco native’s coveted cuts was her little sister, whose hair a 12-year-old Michelle would practice on, having already bobbed every Barbie in the house. Their mom, a stylist herself in the 1960s, was Michelle’s first inspiration to pursue a career in hair and her first teacher.

Her professional training began under the tutelage of Marcy Harmon at the beloved San Francisco salon Cowboys and Angels, where she was schooled in both classic Vidal Sassoon technique and modern razor-cutting. Michelle continued learning advanced cutting and styling techniques at Bumble and bumble in New York. She cemented her success as a stylist there as she built a steady clientele of celebrities and began working for magazines.