Expert Hands-On Hairdresser Education
Pony has the potential to be the best education on the West Coast, and possibly the country. Pony could be the new destination (1).png
Corinna was our resident educator for 7 years. You want to know what Corinna taught me? She taught me how to look at my clients, to see what’s beautiful, and bring out those little details— which has brought me massive amounts of success. She also taught me how to take a before and after photo, which has been everything. I feel really, really grateful.
— Jayne Matthews, Co-Owner @ Edo Salon
Pony Salon is inspiring on so many levels! Corinna makes everything she does look effortless in a way that makes me feel like I can do It too! From styling classes years ago to the recent shags and mastering the razor classes I have attended, I have always taken more than just good techniques away... I have left with new language and confidence elevating my craft. I look forward to future workshops at Pony Studios!
— Kalyn Benaroya, Owner, Clutch Hair Co, PDX

Never. Stop. Learning.

Illustration by George McCalman ( @McCalmanCo)  of the San Francisco Chronicle

Illustration by George McCalman (@McCalmanCo) of the San Francisco Chronicle

Corinna Hernandez has been a hairdresser for nearly 20 years, an expert educator for over 13 years, worked backstage at fashion week for 12 seasons, and has done editorial work for over a decade. She has taught at over 250 salons for over 3000 stylists across the country both independently and as a member of the core Bumble & Bumble education team. She is a veteran of NY Fashion week and has worked backstage on shows including Dior in Paris and Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. Her work as a hairdresser has been highlighted in Elle Magazine and featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Refinery29, San Francisco Magazine, and more.


Pony Education works with high quality, well-trained, expert educators like Michael Gordon, Mischa G, Sabrina Michals, Travis Speck, Andrea Donoghue, Dennis Lanni, Reese Ewing, Ramona Eschbach, Aaron Purcell, Coco Santiago, Rowena Hiraga, Nicholas Roach, Kate Schlichter, Michelle Snyder, and more.


Coming in January 2019, Pony expands its existing hair education business into Pony Studios, an education center, hair salon, and creative collaboration space for hair businesses, with a brick and mortar location in the trendy Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, CA. Go to for a taste.

Bring Education to Your Salon

In-Salon education is a great way to get outside inspiration for your staff. Hairdressers who are exposed to education have increased confidence and earning potential.

If you are filling like you have holes in your skills or feeling stuck in same old thing. This is for you. Even if you think you can’t learn anything new you will.
— Mark, Maverique Style House



Corinna Hernandez, founder of Pony Education and Pony Studios

Corinna Hernandez, founder of Pony Education and Pony Studios



Corinna is THE queen! Corinna inspires greatness. I think she has brought a generation of hairdressers up to date with cutting & styling techniques. Pony Education is modern day education for the modern day hair stylist!
— Dionne S. @ Edo Salon

Jayne Matthews, Owner + Art Director at Edo Salon had Corinna as resident educator for several years. Here is how Corinna + Pony Salon impacted her own career trajectory.

It’s fun, hip, On trend and informative. The layout with having the “lecture” portion in the morning, followed by Demo and then hands on is a nice combo of information and visuals. It’s nice to have these classes to keep you excited and thriving!
— Lindsey, The Red Chair Salon (SF)
It’s finally something that helps us! Not a cookie cutter technique of one thing! They are offering a variety of creative classes with a cool yet realistic twist!
— Janie Naffz, Owner, Argonauta (Auburn, CA)
I wholeheartedly look forward to classes hosted by Pony salon. Every class I’ve attended leaves me feeling inspired and refreshed. I love that the classes are intimate and the educators are able to give you the attention and feedback you need, with zero attitude. Worth every penny. I feel like I get more from these classes than the corporate houses and that the material is relevant and current. I especially love that because it is not backed by any product company I don’t feel pushed into buying things I may or may not need.
— Adrienne, Deeda Salon
I would say take it, you won’t be sorry! Well organized & thorough. For hairdressers by a hairdresser.
— Rhonda Mitchem, Owner, Salon Rache (Campbell, CA)
Great education offered for veterans in the business to inspire and rejouvinate creative minds!!
— Jodi Ninomiya, DEKKO Salon

Jayne Matthews at Edo Salon, Connie McGrath at Veer and Wander, Marie Warden at Harper Paige, and James Colgan of the James Colgan salons talk about the value of education and the tangible impacts that Pony Salon Education made to their own businesses.

I would highly recommend Pony Salon. I liked that it was somewhat intimate so asking questions was comfortable all around and the visual aspect was great at all angles. The instructor made sure we understood conceptually and visually. The class/course was well organized, so no lost time on the trivial stuff. I walked away wanting more! I will be back.
— Maxie, Ringolevio Salon & Spa (SF)
Take the best educators who freelance because they truly love to teach, add to an intimate setting where you are free to ask as many questions as you like, see inspiration and demonstrations that open your creative eye and get your hands in the hair that day on carefully curated live models. What more do you need?
— Adrienne, Deeda Salon (Sacramento)
I would tell anyone interested in a Pony salon course that the teachers are to date, inspiring, knowledgable, and relatable. I highly recommend with so much love!
— Fiona, Hairdresser
If you are filling like you have holes in your skills or feeling stuck in same old thing. This is for you. Even if you think you can’t learn anything new you will.
— Mark, Maverique Style House (Sacramento)
Tell me when you wanna go so I can go too.
— Ckah, Spanish Fly Hair Garage (Sacramento)