2024 Pony Education Calendar

Attend our 2-day hands-on workshops at Pony Studios in Oakland, CA or watch LIVE on the Pony Education LIVE app.

Feb 25-26

Intuitive Razor Cutting & Quick Styling With Corinna Hernandez & Amy Farid

In this event we unite the worlds of intuitive creativity from the set with clear articulation of classic and modern styles from the classroom and behind the chair. “Educated intuition.”

Mar 24-25

Crafting Your Vision With Brian Hickman & Corinna Hernandez

Brian and Corinna talk about their career trajectories, the power of the image, and having an abundance of references. They will run through interactive creative cutting demos, and ultimately show you how they run client photo shoots and create engaging content. Brian will run through his own workflows and create a video for the class.

Apr 21-22

Short Cuts & Undone Simple Hair With Jordan M + Corinna Hernandez

Join NYC celebrity and editorial stylist, bread maker, and "best in class" gender-fluid short cuts expert (by Vogue) Jordan M with Pony Founder Corinna Hernandez on a deep dive into short haircuts. They will tackle technique, shapes, and share 100 references that you need to know so you have a full arsenal when your client sits in your chair.

May 19-20

Shags& Bowls& Bobs& Bangs& Bits With Mischa G & Corinna Hernandez

Jun 23-24

Scissor Masters With Miss Tina, Debi Alley, & Kate Schlichter Feat Corinna

This intensive 2-day hands-on workshop brings together some heavy hitters from the Sassoon world including former Global Senior Creative Director of the Sassoon Academy Miss Tina.

Debi Alley was a Cutting Educator for Vidal Sassoon's in house training program and Educator at Vidal Sassoon Academy. Kate Schlichter was trained by both Tina AND Debi, and later ran Bumble & bumble's own apprentice program. Corinna was the apprentice for a Sassoon Academy legend Rowena Hiraga before joining Bb, then leading the western US education for Bb, and ultimately starting Pony Education in 2014.

What a lineup! You can expect 2 full days of the best of what these women have to offer.

July-November TBA

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